Meet Lilly Downer – Bonofiglio!

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  • Lilly Naya Downer-Bonofiglio is a 5-year-old Border Collie Mix. She came here as a baby with a name of GiGi and it never seemed fitting. After a few days, her family decided she seemed like a Lilly and her dad wanted her middle name to be Naya so she became their little Lilly Naya. However, she also goes by “Madame President” (especially when she shakes your hand) or “Crispy” when she is being mischievous!
  • Lilly joined the Downer – Bonofiglio family on 1/4/11. She came up to Michigan via a rescue wagon from Tennessee, they thought she would be better suited for a cooler climate so they sent her up here through CAHS. They fell in love with her the first time they saw her.
  • We wanted Lilly to get out at least once a week to be social and have a fun day. It was important to the family that they used a daycare that also had great groomers and boarding so that Lilly was familiar with the place and the people. After trying out several daycares in the area they decided that DD&S was the place to be. The staff is amazing, they are very caring and thorough and have made last minute accommodations when family emergencies popped up. They are great people and Lilly loves the facility.
  • Lilly loves playing in the snow, digging in the dirt, a good nap, barking at the mail lady who visits her with cookies daily, yelling at the neighborhood cats, chasing squirrels, riding in cars, going for a run or walk, and destroying a good left over amazon box every now and then.
  • Lilly has a toy wiener dog that is yellow, we have named her toy “banana dog” and she carries it with her, greets you with it, snuggles with it and occasionally enjoys a good game of fetch with it.
  • Lilly is very talented and can do several tricks! They include; Sit, Stay, Leave it, Down, Up, Roll Over, Turn Around, Kiss, High Five, Find Daddy and if you address her as Madame President she can shake!
  • Lilly has a much older sister named Mango, Mango is a 14-year-old cat who was also a rescue and is very tiny, what she lacks in size she makes up in attitude. Mango runs the household and although Lilly wants nothing more than to be best friends with Mango it isn’t going as she planned. They are tolerant of each other but there is no snuggling going on and often Lilly’s hallway path or stairwell path is blocked by a tiny wonder that will not let her pass!
  • Lilly loves a good trip to northern Michigan! She has a mission to mark every tree north of Clair as “hers”, as they are traveling there.
  • When Lilly was first brought Lilly home in January it was a particularly snowy winter in MI. She was so tiny that when she was let her out in her new back yard, she jumped off the deck and she totally disappeared in the snow. For that winter, the snow had to be shoveled to make space in the back yard so Lilly had a free and clear place to handle her business.
  • Lilly is called little referee because when she gets in a group of dogs she always seems to be on the outskirts looking in and making sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing.
  • This is her herding instinct in her, as she is part Border Collie. She is also very sensitive and a little bit shy. She is often scared by new things, but she warms up to things and people fast. She is such a sweet puppy and her family has so much love for her!
  • Lilly is looking forward to all the mud this spring and the never-ending digging in the fresh garden dirt.