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  • Leo Jacobs is a 1 year old West Highland White Terrier who was picked out for his human brother, Jacob, from a breeder in Southeast Michigan when he was ten weeks old.
  • When Leo’s parents finally gave in and decided to get a dog for their son, Jacob, he had asked for a white dog that he could name Frosty. So, the obvious choice was a Westie. The dog was a surprise for Jacob and he couldn’t have been more thrilled to get Leo. Jacob wanted a cooler name like Leo (for the ninja turtle!). Leo’s full name is Leonardo DogVinci – and that’s his official AKC name.
  • Leo’s parents observed the construction of the Okemos location and thought the concept of doggy day care sounded really fun, even though they didn’t have a dog yet. But once they decided to get a dog, they knew they wanted him to attend day care. Also, they travel frequently and knew if they got a dog, they would need reliable boarding. His parents love that Doggy Daycare and Spa guarantees boarding to regular attendees! Also, it’s so nice that Leo boards at a place that he goes too regularly so that he knows the staff and other dogs.
  • One of Leo’s favorite past times is sitting on a bench in the front window and surveying everyone who walks by. He will survey his domain for hours. He also loves his human brother. He can’t wait to run and wake up Jacob in the morning and sits outside his room whenever Jacob plays with his Legos. He loves belly rubs and long walks.
  • His parents really want to teach Leo to shake hands, but haven’t managed to yet. So far, his biggest trick is jumping up on the kitchen table if they don’t fully push in the chairs!
  • Leo’s favorite toy is the laser pointer and also a Y shaped Nylabone. The Nylabone is replaced every few weeks. He has about 20 toys – and enjoys resting with plush toys – but this particular Nylabone is far and away his favorite.
  • Leo has visited a couple different places. He has gone to New Jersey by plane to visit his grandparents and he has also been to the beach in the Upper Peninsula.
  • This summer Leo is looking forward to more water playtime at Doggy Day Care! He loves his time outdoors and longer walks in the nice weather.