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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Gidjit Williams is a 1-year old Great Dane who will turn 2 in April! She has been coming to Doggy Daycare and Spa since January 2017. Her 9-year-old sister, Cricket, also comes to daycare which is one of the reasons why Gidjit started coming to DDS as well as her owners knowing that she will have good care and lots of socialization! Gidjit is very active and somewhat naughty so she needs the structure that daycare provides. Her family lives in the country so there is not much opportunity for Gidjit to interact regularly with people and commotion. Her owners really value the time she spends at DDS, helping Gidjit be calmer and better adjusted.
  • The Williams family has had Gidjit since she was a wee pup. They recently had to put down their rescued Dane, Fawna. Cricket seemed lonely as she had always had a companion or two.
  • Cricket is also one of the best behaved and friendly dogs they have ever had! The Williams mistakenly thought Cricket would be happy with a new friend and also thought she would be a good influence and role-model. Boy were they WRONG! If Cricket could have run away from home, they are sure she would have. They received the doggy stick eye on many occasions. Fortunately, Cricket and Gidjit have worked out their dynamics, mostly, and seem to be happy with each other!
  • Gidjit’s favorite past times include being at daycare which she loves, loves, loves and anything to do with her human daddy. She is happiest just being where he is.
  • Favorite toys of Gidjit’s are anything with stuffing! It doesn’t matter if it belongs to her or not. There are pieces of stuffed animals and pillows everywhere. Not a day goes by that the Williams’ family doesn’t find more stuffing somewhere. Gidjit also is very fond of shoes. Just 1 of multiple pairs… many different times.
  • Gidjit can sit, shake paws (both), lie down and she is now working on learning stay/wait. Her best trick is that she is just cute!
  • Besides Cricket, Gidjit’s big sissy, she has several fur baby cousins that are all dogs; Oscar, Diesel, Darwin, Jesse and Louie. It’s something to see when they are all together. Cricket weighs in at 190 lbs. and Louie is 6 lbs.! It’s a real party. Everybody gets along and the humans spend most of their time opening and closing the doors so they can go in and out. Gidjit also has many friends at DDS – Lily V. is her favorite 😊
  • Gidjit hasn’t been anywhere exotic but does “summer” on Lake Michigan!
  • From a very early age, Gidjit has always arranged her beds. There are 7 or 8 long body pillows that can be found in any given room in any given combination at the Williams house. She will move them from downstairs to upstairs. She also has an 8-foot caterpillar. It is fun watching her make her nest, make a heavy sign and collapse. Gidjit gets very interested when Cricket moves in but is always willing to share.
  • Gidjit looks forwards to every day to because every day has a new opportunity to have fun, play, meet new friends and sometimes throw in a little naughtiness!