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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Elsa Heethuis is an 8 year old Newfoundland who has been coming to Doggy Daycare and Spa since the fall of 2012. She comes for daycare every other Monday and gets groomed once a month!
  • Elsa is a therapy dog and goes to several facilities, so her owner thought that coming to DDS would be good for her to have “doggy” time where she could run and play.
  • She was named Elsa because when her owner was young, she loved the book and movie “Born Free” about Joy Adamson and a lion named Elsa.
  • When Elsa’s owner’s former Newfoundland passed away she said that she would not get another… and that lasted about 6 months. Elsa was just a 6 pound puppy when she was brought home.
  • Elsa LOVES her “job” at Sparrow Hospital as a therapy dog. She is amazing at what she does!
  • Favorite toys of Elsa’s include her stuffed animals. She does not chew on them; she will just carry them around and will bring them to you if you are a visitor in the Heethuis home.
  • Elsa isn’t a fan of showing off by doing any tricks. She won’t even catch popcorn in the air when tossed to her.
  • Hobbes, a 2 ½ year old Cavalier King Charles is Elsa’s brother who also attends daycare with her. Even though Elsa loves her little brother dearly, there are times that she wishes that she had some alone time.
  • Normally with puppies, you have to be careful about what they may pick up or play with. When it comes to Elsa, a funny story from when she was a pup was when she would play with a lamp! Also, an interesting fact about her is that she has a black spot on her tongue that looks like an upside down heart.
  • When Elsa was being trained by her owner to become a therapy dog, she was put on a leash that was wrapped around her owner’s waist and was taken to the Lansing Mall. The shiny floors freaked Elsa out so much that she knocked her owner over and dragged her across the floor to a spot that had a carpeted area and a couch. She jumped up on the couch a buried her head into it. Fortunately, her owner didn’t break any bones but had to pretend that this was part of Elsa’s therapy training to all the lookers in the mall. Her owner wouldn’t be surprised if there was a YouTube video up on the Internet.