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Doggy Daycare and Spa

  • Mom has been busy getting ready for my sheeple to come home for Christmas, I call my family sheeple because I’m part Border Collie and like to herd, so Mom asked me to answer the questions because I would know better than she would.
  • Mom decided to send me to Doggy Daycare & Spa so I can practice my social skills and make new friends. Before coming to daycare I would become very scared when meeting new people on the street, but since hanging out with the hip hounds I’m much more chill when meeting new friends. Also all of my sheeple are off to college and jobs and only come home occasionally to play with me. I miss them, I like a lot of attention and sometimes I bug Mom to play too much.
  • I have always had the name Ella since a pup. A young couple picked me up from an adoption agency; I think they were the ones that named me. But they didn’t realize how much energy and time was needed to care for me, so I then moved in with one of their friends. She was very busy with school and was gone a lot so she gave me to her mother, now she was a nice lady. But like I said before, I like a lot of attention, and this nice older lady couldn’t keep up with me. So before my first birthday I moved in with my current family, I got a lot of attention with three kids to take me for walks, play with me, feed me, play with me, cuddle with me, did I happen to say also play with me? I’m 8 years old and can’t imagine being anywhere else.
  • I like the sun, one of my favorite things to do is sit, sleep and lounge in the sun. In the summer Mom has to watch out for me because I can get sunburned easily, mostly on my nose. Sammie, my fur-sister, and I fight over who will have the largest beam of sun when it comes in the window. I won yesterday! One year the joke around the house was “what is black and white and red all over?” Me, Ella. I didn’t think it was very funny.
  • Hmmm, my favorite toy would have to be a ball. Yes, definitely a ball! I love tennis balls! Some I like to “de-fur” and others I just like to get all slimy and hand it off to one of my sheeple to throw. I even like to play ball in the house, Mom doesn’t, she’s no fun. If they throw it the right way, I catch it every time, well, almost every time.
  • My neighborhood buddy is Stewie, a collie and he lives next door. When I decide to go on a walk-a-bout Mom usually finds me at Stewie’s place. We like to play tag and I can run faster than him, so he is always “it.” Three years ago one of my sheeple brought home a cat, my fur-sister named Sam. They wanted to be able to say we have Sam-n-Ella in the house. I think it is silly and I don’t like my name coming second. We have a love/hate relationship, she takes everyone’s attention that should be mine, steals my sun beam, sits in my favorite chair and plays with my ball. But she does play a good part in getting Mom to feed us, so that is the only reason I tolerate her. I love my food! My vet once called me “very treat responsive”.
  • I don’t think I’ve been to any exotic places. I went to a Jellystone Campground with my sheeple one year. I met many new friends and there were a lot of different smells, I got to sleep in a tent and on the fluffiest sleeping bag. I also got to go to a great dog park in Iowa City, Iowa. We went to visit the youngest sheeple in college and I was a good dog the whole trip there. Mom thought I would like to get out and run after our long trip so she found this park for me, I met several friends. I can’t wait to go back.
  • A funny story I remember is when I was canoeing with my sheeple. They brought some friends so we had many canoes going down the river. I was assigned a canoe for the trip, but I forgot which one it was. And since I had the best nose I thought it would be good to be up in the front boat, so I could sniff out any danger. Only the front canoe kept switching so I had to jump out of the one I was in and paddle madly to catch up with the the lead canoe. One year the water was so low I was able to just walk alongside of the canoe. Many times my sheeple would get out of their canoes, I don’t know if they’d jump or fall out but they would always get right back in the same canoe they left. Strange people my sheeple.
  • What I look forward to do in the winter is to play in the snow. I have been able to play in it almost every day. The one day we went out in the snow, Mom was too busy shoveling, so I went and found a ball that I had left behind. I would toss it in the air and then it would go hiding in the snow and I would have to dive under the snow to find it. Mom did eventually play fetch with me, that is my favorite game. Sometimes she just throws the ball down the driveway, the ball is easier to find but I do a lot more slipping and sliding trying to catch the darn thing.